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6 Things To Consider Before Buying An Android smartphone

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What features to consider before buying a smartphone?

Well, we all want to buy good smartphones with good features, but few people find difficulty in finding best features to buy them. In this article, i will be telling you my view on how to find the best smartphone with good features.

W will be discussing six features we should consider before buying a smartphone.

1) SIZE:

Let us talk about the external feature first. We need to choose 5-5.5 inches smartphones which are pretty decent in your hands instead of carrying a big slate of size 6 inch. May be the slate suites for babes not for boys!


While talking about this, i recommend you to buy a smartphone which has a minium of 16GB/32GB internal storage which makes your smartphone work fine. As you know if your device storage is low then your device sucks, hangs and doesn’t work fast

3) RAM:

Most important aspect of Android may be RAM, and I recommend you to buy a device which has at least 2GB RAM. May be you can also buy a phone with RAM more than 2GB, and it will end up with Battery Drain, so I suggest you buy smartphones which have 2GB RAM.


Talking about this we all know that there are two types of display glasses


I recommend you to buy gorilla glass smartphone which is very good for daily rough and tough use.


well, we all need good battery backup for our smartphone and considering the above features I recommend you to buy a smartphone with a minimum battery of 2700-3500 mAH.





All of the device speed depends on the processor, and there are two types processes most of the companies use.

  1. Snapdragon
  2. mtk

I recommend Snapdragon for game lovers who always play games on their smartphone because they give good graphics compared to mtk processors but the battery drain is a bit more than mtk processors but for normal, and decent usage of smartphone recommend mtk processers.

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