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Personalize the Mobile Apps to Engage with the users

The popularity of the mobile apps among the mobile users is growing each day and the users are expecting more from the developers. To attract the users to use the mobile apps, the developers included many customized features that help the users to personalize the app according to their requirements and needs.The process of meeting the user’s needs and wants in an efficient and effective way and making the interactions simple and quick so as to satisfy the users and retain them to do business is called Personalization. The same way the mobile users are expecting the developers to design personalized apps that are packed with all the features in a single unit.

Importance of the personalization

The concept of app personalization is common among the mobile app users only within two to three years. It has now become significant because of the number of apps available on the application stores, and approximately there are millions of apps present in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Whenever a new app is introduced in the app store, the users immediately download and run the app on their mobile devices, but delete the apps immediately. A survey report released by the technology experts shows that the sixty five percent of the users delete the application instantly if the app does not satisfy their personalized needs. While some of the users will have multiple apps on their device, but access only a very few apps they like. So, the developers must design the app that interacts with the users and must provide a great experience.

When the app is interactive and efficient, the users will access the app efficiently on a regular basis. There are many tactics a developer must follow to involve the consumers to access the app, some of the tactics are performance testing, app personalization, app discoverability and much more.

Increases the app’s growth

The app are customized so that the work is simplified and it also provides the users with some personalized suggestions and recommendations.

As more than thirty percent of the transactions have become digital, all the businesses are adapting the mobile technology into their business and are developing mobile apps to cover the large mobile population. The increase in the number of mobile users will keep increasing the years to come.

The marketers have seen an increase in the sale because of the use of the mobile technology over the desktop websites because of the productive browsing experience offered by the mobile apps for the business. The most significant tactics in the business is the personalization of the apps, so the business that wish to grow their business must focus on personalizing their application.

Key aspects for the developers while designing the mobile apps

The mobile developers and the businesses must concentrate on some important features that will increase the usability of the app among the larger customer base.

Customized on- boarding

The first impression is the best impression. The users install several apps on their mobile devices, but they access only a few of those apps because of the interactive features of the application. The apps that the users do not access have poor personalized features in it.

The application must contain some personalized aspects in it to make the app look interesting and interactive.

For example, the apps can use the data provided by the user and sign in to the application, this might reduce the users from going through a few steps and save more time. Some of the on boarding process that can be included in the app is to collect the personal information of the user, like the name, birthday, mobile number and gender. So by using this information, the app can be customized to address the user personally by referring them by their name instead of using generalized words.

This will build a close relation between the application and the user and will attract them to use the app on a regular basis.

Product suggestions and customized contents

The contents that are uploaded to the application plays a significant role in personalizing the app and it can be done by following the behavior of the user. By observing the click behavior of the user, the app can display the search list that interests them, the type of products that are appealing to them and so on.

Most of the marketers follow an approach called the Omni channel, where a single piece of information is used to uplift the user experience. So, the activities that are done by the users on the desktop versions will replicate on the mobile version of the app. Features like the ‘like ‘ and ‘dislike’ options in the app will help in identifying the personalized user preference so that the apps will show recommendations according to their choice.

A survey report shows that 70% of the users are interested to access the app once again because of the personalized features included in the app. So to maintain a proper customer experience, the developers must focus on personalizing the application.

Event interaction

The user must be constantly intimated about the presence of the application through various actions, however in a subtle and smooth manner. The follow up emails, push notifications and the in app purchases are the age old practice of seeking customer attention, but sending a personalized notification or follow up message will definitely attract the customers.

The apps can use some features and tools that will help them to provide a personalized service to the users. For example, the app can have a location tracking system built within the app that notifies the users with the sakes offers offered in the nearest stores.

Customized In-app features

Including personalized in app features in the application developers the customer interaction and also encourages in faster decision making ability and saves the time. Apart from this, the in- app referral is another added advantage of the app to impress the users and help them to continue accessing the app.


The future of the mobile technology

The consumers are expecting a customized and user friendly app that helps them to do their task more efficiently without spending more time and money. The mobile apps are the cheapest way to market the business and to attract the customers to continue with their business.

The apps developers must personalize the app, for this they have to identify their target users and what they expect from the application. The app must have various different innovative and interactive features in the app like, the animations, videos, illustrations, audios, notifications, coupons and other features that focus on the individuals. The users can also consider some of the factors while personalizing the app, like the backend data, general usage and behavior of the user.

The app must provide the users with real time response and there are two types of response, the single message or conversation. The app must address the users differently; some might accept the conversation, while the others might not. So, the apps must check with the behavior of the user and respond according to their needs.

However, the developers must frequently check with the apps, by optimizing and testing the application by reviewing the contents, subject lines, layouts and visuals. As the app is said to be successful when it is able to satisfy the user’s needs and engage with them to continue participating in the business.

Author Bio:  Anand Rajendran is CEO and Co-Founder of Dectar, best PHP scripts development company located in India. is a part of Casperon Technologies a leading social and mobile development company which is Developing Uber for X apps for the past 3 years. I’m a Tech geek, Digital marketing expert, Entrepreneur, and Atheist who loves to write everything about PHP Scripts and mobile application development.

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